Setting up eSignature pad


1. Follow the “How to Prepare Signature Pad” PDF steps

2. Make sure to download SigWebAPI installer from “How to Prepare Signature Pad”

(Even if user follows the installation steps that came in signature pad box, system will not detect the signature pad as there have been some changes to the installation process and hence TREAT will not detect the signature pad.)

3. Once its installed “Topaz SigWeb Tablet Service” should be present and running in their Services.msc listing (see below screenshot)

  It is possible for users to download Sig Web API and have the Service listed and still not have it work - that would be if they downloaded it from the Topaz Website rather than ours

4 If "Topaz SigWeb Tablet Service” is not present in Services.msc listing it means it was not installed correctly.



5. If “Topaz SigWeb Tablet Service” is present but user is not able to start the service then check the error logs (In System Event Viewer) to see why not (it could be because a framework is missing or there are some other issues with the computer)