When creating a new domain or changing the existing IPCC domain, changes will be done in the Administrator Console.


1) Sign onto the TREAT Admin console.

2) Navigate to the 'Organizations' tab, select 'IPCC'

3) From IPCC Administration, choose 'Domains'

From the domains page you can add or edit domains. Domains cannot be deleted, but they can be archived.

New Domain:

1) Select 'Add' from the bottom from drop down menu. 3 boxes will appear.

2) The name of the domain in the first box, a description of the domain that users can see if they hover the mouse over the domain in TREAT.

3) 'Idx' column is for the index number that is used for placing the domain in the listing in TREAT.

4) Select 'Save' from the bottom drop down menu.

Editing an entry allows you to change the position, update the text or archive.

1) Select the line to edit.

2) Choose 'edit from the bottom drop down menu.

3) Return to the line highlighted.

4) Edit name, description, and index number or select to archive.

5) Return to the bottom drop down menu and choose 'Save'.

Important Notes:

The index listing does not alphabetizes and TREAT listed from left to right, top to bottom but displays them in columns.

To format:

Assign an index value based on the position in the domain listing. 

For example, if you have 36 domains in your listing, TREAT will display them in 3 columns of 9 rows with the domains ordered left to right and then repeats in the next row.

To arrange them in alphabetical columns, the index value need to be the column position (based on 3 column listing)

Domains are arranged:

Index 1Index 2Index 3
Index 4Index 5Index 6
Index 7Index 8index 9

Default Appearance  (if list is entered in alphabetical order):

Apples = inx1Bananas =indx 2Coconut = indx 3
Duck = indx 4
Engine = indx 5
Fish = index 6
Grape = indx 7
Horn= indx 8
Ice = indx 9

Alphabetized Appearance  (if list is entered in alphabetical order):

Apples = inx1Duck=indx 2Grape= indx 3
Bananas= indx 4
Engine= indx 5
Horn= indx 6
Coconut= indx 7
Fish= indx 8
Ice = indx 9

If there are no room to insert new index values when adding new domains, the list will need to be re indexed to accommodate another domain.

Tip: plan on what index number will list the domain before making changes.