Your organization may have the ability to merge duplicate clients by using the Admin Console. This function will move all encounters, progress notes, and IPCC items from the account to be merged into the account that will be remaining.

  1. Sign into the TREAT Administration console for your organization.
  2. Navigate to the 'Misc' tab and select 'Client Merge'.
  3. The Merged Clients List page will show you all past client merges and the option to add another client merge.
  4. Select the 'Merge Clients' button. on the Merge Client page, the first MRN will be the patient number that you want to keep and the second MRN will be the one to be removed. The IPCC items, Progress Notes, Assessments, and Encounters will be moved and their MRNs updated to the client profile that is being kept.

  5. After entering both MRNs, click 'Search'. Treat will retrieve some patient information from both profiles and allow you to compare details and encounters.

  6. The two accounts have been merged and will now appear on the Merged Clients List.

  7. The accounts are now merged. The merged MRN is no longer searchable and a search by patient name will list only the patient of the remaining MRN

NOTE: This process cannot be reversed and does not change the demographic information of the remaining MRN (Name, Address, DOB, etc.)

If you do not have the Client Merge option in your administration console, please contact your HInext account manager or email