Documenting a Group Note from the Scheduler

The following QRG outlines how staff can document their group notes via the Scheduler. Staff can either input their appointments prior to seeing the client or they can do them as they occur.

  1. Navigate to the Scheduling Page.
  2. Click the date on the calendar for the appointment. The Scheduling Modal opens.
  3. Choose “Client Appointment” from the Appointment Type dropdown.
  4. Search for a client and click on their name to add them to the appointment. Continue searching for clients and adding them to the appointment until all clients have been added.
  5. Fill in all fields that apply. Note: Mandatory fields are denoted by a red asterisk (*).
    1. Start Date, End Date and Time: Should be the date and time the group appointment occurred
    2. Program: Select the Program that the clients are enrolled in for this visit
    3. Visit Type: should be “Activity”
    4. Encounter Type: Select the appropriate type for that group visit, i.e. “face-to-face office”
    5. Status: Should be the status of the visit, i.e. “Attended”
      1. Note: If inputting the appointment for future, you’ll want to use “Scheduled”, otherwise it should be “Attended”, “Cancelled” or “No-show”
  6.  You can then either “Save” if the appointment is for a later date, or if you are documenting on an activity that has already happened you click “Save & Link to Group Note” from the drop-down list.
  7. If you click “Save & Link to Group Note”, you will then be redirected to the Group Progress Note page where the Interactions Start and End Date / Time  will already be completed for you. Then you will complete the rest of your Group Progress Note by filling in any mandatory or relevant details.
    1. Note: do not include any specific client information on this page as this will be reflected on all client’s chart. Once the Group note is created you will need to individualize the note and this is where you can include any client specific information.
  8. Next you will add your Workload for this group appointment by clicking “Add Workload”. 
  9. Complete the workload by updating the following information as applicable. 
    1. Please select a client from the group: Leave this field as “All Client” so that the Workload is divided and added to each individualized client note
    2. Program: select the program that the clients are a part of
    3. Site: if applicable chose the site the group took place, otherwise, leave blank.
    4. Direct Mins: should be prepopulated with the number of minutes that you entered in the “Interaction Start and End Date / Time”
    5. Ex: If your visit was from 10:00am to 11:00am, then you will see 60 in this field
    6. Direct Date: should be prepopulated with the date that you entered in the “Interaction Start and End Date / Time”
    7. Direct WL Type: This should be prepopulated to “Therapeutic”
    8. Visit: this should be prepopulated as “1”
    9. Visit Type: select the visit that reflects the group you completed i.e. “face-to-face office”
    10. Grp. Session: Enter “1” in this field so that this is captured in your statics as a group
    11. Indirect and Non-Clinical: If applicable, enter in the minutes, date and type for any Indirect or Non-Clinical work you completed in relation to this visit.
    12. Ex: 30 minutes of “Travel” time under “Non-Clinical”
  10. Click “Save” to add the workload to this group note.
  11. Complete the Group Note by clicking the “Save Note” button to save a copy of the note to each selected client’s record. 
  12. When the Group Progress Note is saved, you will be brought back to the Scheduler. To individualize each of the clients group notes, click on the “Home Page” tab. From there you will click on the “Group Notes to be Completed” link under the “Progress Notes Notifications” pane which will take you to the “Incomplete Group Session Notes” page.
    1. Note: You can also access these notes from the Progress Notes page by clicking on the “Group Note(s) to be completed” link in the top left.
  13. Once you are on the “Incomplete Group Session Notes” page, click the [+] button to expand and view the details of each note. Then click the “Edit Icon” to edit and complete the individualization of the group note.
  14. The Individual Group Progress Note page will then load with the following information will already be completed for you.
  15. Interactions Start and End Date / Time
  16. Encounter: This will be selected with all correct information for that visit.
  17. Workload: This will be already be added to the note with the information you entered on the group note and the time divided equally by the number of participants. 
  18. Complete your Progress Note, by filling in all fields that apply and adding any additional information that applies to that specific client. I.e. Participation level during the group
    1. Note: Mandatory fields are denoted by a red asterisk (*).
  19. Click the “Sign Note” button to save the Progress Note.
  20. Complete the same process for the remaining group Note that require individualization.